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Transform from hair disaster to a hair master

working with *Nutrition *Ingredients *Scalp *Hair Maintenance (NISH)


How to transform from hair disaster to a hair master

Whenever we talk about hair care, the first thing comes in our mind is of using hair care
products. This is not strange, since we do use a lot of products to enhance the beauty of
our hair. We are all looking to find that ‘ holy grale’, that one product that changes the
volume of your hair, that strengthens it while you neglect it and bounces back up in
beautiful curls after we have put it through months of abusive treatments with way to
much heat. Because let’s be real here. Although we do want the long luscious shiny full
healthy head of hair, the way we often treat it is quite the opposite.
How many of us only give our hair that special attention when there is a problem?
When it refuses to ‘ behave’ the way we want or expect it to, or when it ‘ does not grow
fast enough’, or when it ‘ does not respond to the product you just applied’………..
And I am sure, that when you saw the add, the one that triggered you to buy the
product that promised the ‘10 inch overnight growth’, or the one that would triple the
amount of hair on your head, it all sounded so easy and true….
It is not a wonder that so many of us are focused on the products and think that hair
care is about what you apply on your hair. Although this is part of it, hair care is far more
than the products you use.
I am sure that you know the phrase ‘ healthy hair comes from the inside’, I am here to
tell you that this is true. Let me introduce you to Janine van Throo. Janine a top class
natural hair therapist and product inventor, developed the NISH Philosophy, which is a
holistic hair care approach. NISH stands for Nutrition, Ingredients, Scalp Care and Hair
Maintenance and these are also the four major pillars of the philosophy.
Janine has been in the Natural hair car business for over 15 years, her
accomplishments since she started her business in this niche market have been
In 2018 Janine made it into the ‘ black woman in Europe Power List’ for her pioneer
work in Natural Hair Care in Europe. But although she lives in Europe, she has taken
her business far across the European borders to even several African countries.
When it comes to hair care, there is a lot of information out there. There are lots and lots
of products being offered, experiences being shares and opinions being given. Janine,
having seen this all during her years long in this business, decided to take this all to a
much higher level.
To start, healthy hair comes and starts from the inside. Your body produces hair, but in
order to do this, it needs the right building blocks, in the right combination in the right

After giving workshops and seminars on a regular basis, Janine decided to gather her
knowledge and put it into a book. NISH, the book, explains to you, pillar by pillar,
chapter by chapter the way things work
By reading the book you will get a better understanding why and how things work. You
will also learn how to feed your body to grow healthy hair. In just 4 chapters, Nutrition,
Ingredients, Scalp care and hair maintenance, Janine takes you into the world of hair as
you have never seen. you will learn about the ingredients that are used in products,
what they do and why they work ( or don’t work) what are the steps in a basic hair care
regimen and much more.
If you want to be successful in treating your hair, or maybe you are a hair care
professional and want to take your knowledge to a higher level, GRAB YOUR COPY
The NISH book will help you understand why it is important to shift from a product
based approach to a holistic hair care approach.
You know the ‘aha’ moment you sometimes get when you hear something, well, let me
tell you, I had many while I was reading this book. It all seemed so obvious when I read
it. ‘ how come I never thought of this’? I asked myself many times while reading the
NISH book.
So many insights, not even secrets, but just simple and plain knowledge and techniques
that you can apply on a day to day basis.
Don’t get fooled any longer when you are buying products. Learn how to read the
ingredients list and what it would do for your hair. Be knowledgeable on what to use and
what not to use. BUY THIS BOOK HERE and make conscious choices for your hair
Grab your copy now and get state-of-the art knowledge of natural hair care. This is an
investment you’ll never regret.

We wish you a head full of healthy hair
Team Janine van Throo



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