Janine van Throo

#1 Natural Hair Therapist

Product Formulator
Author, and International Speaker.

Janine made it into the Black Women in Europe Power List in 2018 for her pioneer work in Natural Hair Care in Europe.

She is a recipient of the Global Author’s Award in the UK and serves a mentor with African Woman in Europe ( AWE).

As an international speaker, Janine had shared the stage with Ndaba Mandela, JT Foxx   -the #1 wealth coach, Vanilla Ice, among many other industry leaders.

Janine was also featured in the cover story of “her grit magazine,” a South African Magazine.

Janine van Throo established Sisay Cosmetics in the year 2004 in The Netherlands and operated with the brand name Sisay Cosmetics

At inception, the company commenced operation as a webshop. However, the original and result-oriented services of the company led to the rapid growth and subsequent establishment of the first natural hair care boutique in Amsterdam in 2009. Sisay launched the first own product line for natural hair care in the same year. Two years later, the landmark achievements of the company were recognized with the African Business Award, in Amsterdam.

Today, the company has expanded internationally with the headquarters presently in Belgium and provides certification, white label programs, and consultancy services under the brand name Just Natural Consulting.

As a pioneer of the concept of natural hair therapy, Janine is primarily seen as an authority figure in the industry and earned a well-deserved reputation as the #1 Natural Hair Therapists on the global scale. As a researcher and product inventor, Janine formulates natural care products for afro, curly hair and scalp as well as nutritional products such as “Shake beauty shake,” the nutrition formula manufactured under the Sisay Cosmetics brand.  Janine created the NISH hair care philosophy and certification program and served as the head educator for Just Natural Consulting.

Janine leverages extensive research and over 15 years experience in natural hair care to train natural hair therapists to cater to the growing need for natural hair care across the globe. She aims to educate 5,000 natural hair therapists by 2020  through quality education and certification programs.

Janine adds value to the hair care industry by sharing her expertise on natural hair care in magazines, TV, radio programs, events, and workshops across Europe, South  America, and South Africa. Janine van Throo present focus is on facilitating certification for aspiring Natural Hair Care Therapists, providing white label service for hair and skincare products, consulting, business training and coaching.

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