The world is looking for more qualified Natural hair Therapists!

I will personally  train you to become a NISH certified Natural Hair therapist/ consultant in only 6  weeks. In these 6 weeks, I will share my knowledge that I have gained being in this industry for over 15 years. Not only will I teach you how to successfully treat other people’s hair, but you will become a master at treating your own. You will be seen as a leader in your community by getting results where others are constantly failing. This will help you to start and grow your natural hair business in your community or globally.

Get NISH certified and learn how the body functions and how this relates to the hair and scalp

Discover how nutrition aids to healthy hair and scalp and how you can apply this in your life and the life’s of your customers

Learn how to translate your customers complaint into their need and how to effectively develop custom therapies to help them

Learn how to setup your business and run your own natural hair clinic

Gain the confidence and skills to move your business to the next level OR Jump start your career in the multi million Natural hair care industry:

What will you receive

  • NISH Natural Hair Therapist certificate on completion
  • Understanding of hair, scalp and hair loss
  • Understanding of how to do an intake, consultation and check-ups
  • Understand the different types of hair loss and how to treat them
  • 12 months NISH membership for all certified members- free of charge including business development classes
  • How to setup and operate your natural hair business
At the end of the course, students will gain hands-on experience on the strategies of using the NISH
holistic approach to care for the scalp and hair. Moreover, our successful students should be able to
provide consulting services by leveraging in-depth knowledge in the areas of Nutrition, Ingredients,
Scalp Care and Hair maintenance which are the crux of the NISH philosophy.

The graduates of NISH certification program gain expertise that is way beyond the product-specific
therapy methods. The course delves into the intricacies of the hair and skin physiology and the science
behind the efficacy of the ingredients used in the treatment of skin and the scalp. This in-depth
knowledge gives our student the ability to provide bespoke hair and scalp consulting services based on
the hair need, and its current state (whether it is chemically treated or not). This approach is by far
superior to the one cap fits all strategy that implements the same solution to every challenge without
considering the state or the need of the hair.

NISH graduates are able to provide result-oriented consulting and hair therapy for hair of all types of
hair irrespective of its chemical treatment status.

NISH graduates shall gain competence in the following:

  •  Coach and treat their clients to maintain their hair and scalp in top form.
  •  Be able to diagnose the problems with hair and scalp with a high level of precision.
  •  Be able to provide a customized hair treatment regimen that suits the customer’s hair type and budget.
  •  Provide advice on the right nutritional supplement specific to each customer’s needs.
  •  Can refer their clients to a dermatologist for further treatment when the need arises.
  •  Provide expert treatment for the hair and scalp by using the NISH signature holistic approach.
  •  Help customers reverse some types of hair loss and help others maintain the length of their hair.

In summary, the natural hair therapists can quickly pinpoint the areas where the customers are having
issues with their hair, help them stop wasting their time and financial resources on ineffective treatment
and provide result-oriented therapies that help them to start growing healthy hair again.

What can you do after certification?

Although the natural hair therapist focuses on helping their clients maintain a healthy hair and scalp, the
NISH graduates who are also stylist can use the certification to provide added services to complement
their styling business. The certified natural hair therapist can:

  • Establish a hair care salon focused on the treatment of hair and scalp.
  • Provide specialised service in health clinics and salon.
  • Provide consultancy services to salons for their clients with hair and scalp problems

What does Certified Natural Hair Therapist do?

The Certified Natural Hair Therapist can provide the following services and more.

Products Consultancy

  • Advice the clients on the right product to use.
  • Coach the customer on ingredients to look for in a product.
  • Teach the customer how to recognize the products perfect for their specific needs.
  • Teach the customer how to apply and use products.
  • Apply various products for hair treatment.

Nutrition Consultancy

  •  Advice and coach clients to use hair-related supplements.
  •  Design bespoke supplement plan for hair and scalp care.
  •  Follow up with the customer to monitor progress.
  •  Recognize deficiencies of vitamins and offer solutions.

Hair and Scalp Therapies

Provide treatment for scalp problems such as:

  •  Hair loss.
  •  Itchy scalp.
  •  Sensitive Scalp.
  •  Hair shedding.
  •  Bald spots.
  •  Thinning edges.

Provide treatment for hair troubles such as:

  •  Dry breaking hair.
  •  Transitioning.
  •  Hair that does not seem to grow.
  •  Split ends/ knots / porosity.
  •  Length retention plan.
  •  Styling for protection.
  •  Treating children’s hair.

Become Certified

A career in natural hair therapy brings in vast opportunity to be an entrepreneur or provide
specialized in-demand services in clinics and saloons. If you already work in the beauty care
industry, this certification gives you an added advantage to offer more value to your customers
as you already have a steady clientele that can use your service. Click here to find out how you
can become a SISAY NISH Certified Natural Hair Care Therapists.

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