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Janine holds a degree in Business Computer Science. She is a speaker, an author, a business sustainabilaty strategist as well as a Natural Hair Therapist with years of studies in Natural health care, medical care training and lots of studies in chemistry. With more than 15 years of experiene in IT she is aiming to combine her interest for technology with her passion for beauty, specifically in Natural hair care. She has been in the Natural hair care business since 2004.
Originally from Suriname, she grew up in the Netherlands. As many other woman of colour, she had many struggles with finding the right salons, products and education when it comes to natural hair care. To be able to fill this need, She followed a couple of different studies and courses focussing on the science of hair, formulating products as well as trichology, dermatology for hairdressers , trichoscopy and basic medical courses. In 2009 she launched her first natural hair product line and opened the first all natural hair care salon in the Centre of Amsterdam offering several treatments for natural hair. She has had the honour to work with and treat hundreds if not thousands of natural haired ladies and young girls in Europe. She has been offering workshops and masterclasses where she thought these ladies how to treat their own natural hair as well as how to appreciate it. After being in the natural hair care business for some time but still not seeing any significant changes regarding education, she thought it was time again to do something about that. She developed a Hair care Philosophy called NISH and is offering high level education and certification programs to salons focussing on natural hair. This success concept is now being offered to salons all over the world and teaches salons step by step techniques how to successfully work with natural hair.
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